Israeli rabbi okays killing innocent civilians

Israeli rabbi okays killing innocent civilians

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It is a clear move to wage religious hatred. Does anyone care?

A racist Israeli rabbi has okayed killing of innocent Palestinian civilians and destroying the Gaza Strip.
Regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, Dov Lior wrote: “In the case of Gaza, the minister of defence will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza.”

Days of Palestine, Jerusalem –A racist Israeli rabbi has okayed killing of innocent Palestinian civilians and destroying the Gaza Strip.

Dov Lior, the rabbi of the illegal Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, posted a Halakhic, Jewish religious based on the Torah, ruling allowing the killing of innocent civilians.

The post came after he was asked about the Israeli summer’s war on the Gaza Strip. “The Torah of ‘Israel’ guides us in all walks of life, private and public, on how to behave during war and also how to keep moral standards,” his post read.

“The Maharal from Prague (Rabbi Judah Loew – A.K.), in his book Gur Arye, clearly writes that… in all wars the attacked people are allowed to attack fiercely the people from whom the attackers came from and they do not have to check if he personally belongs to the fighters.

“Therefore, during war the attacked people are allowed to punish the enemy population in any punishment it finds worthy, such as denying supplies or electricity and also to bomb the whole area according to the discretion of the army minister and not to just simply endanger soldier’s lives but to take crushing deterrence steps to exterminate the enemy.”

Regarding the situation in the Gaza Strip, he wrote: “In the case of Gaza, the minister of defence will be allowed to instruct even the destruction of Gaza so that the south will no longer suffer and to avoid harm to our people who have been suffering for so long from the surrounding enemies.”

He continued: “Any kind of talk about humanism and consideration are moot when speaking of saving our brothers in the south and in the rest of the country and bringing back quiet to our country.”


The writer exposes Israeli racist plans adopted to expel Palestinians from their homes in order to replace them with Jews.

The writer exposes Israeli racist plans adopted to expel Palestinians from their homes in order to replace them with Jews.
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  • Liz Lane

    His time will come when he will meet God his maker and he will say to this Zionist , ” you murdered my children , my creation on my land , you murdered using my skies , you murdered using my seas”.
    What kind of God do you think I am? … All humans are my children , with love I created man and woman but you and many like you will never enter my kingdom of Heaven ..

    • Gabriel

      The Jews worship Lucifer. That’s the big secret the Rabbis don’t want you to know. Next in line is the Holohoax secret.

      • Hanna Hurben

        It is the ISLAMIS / Islamozombies that worship LUCIFER … The whole QURAN is written by the agent of LUCIFER… MOO HAM MAD. (Muhammad)

        • Rashed Yasir Rashed

          You are an ignorant anti-Semitic empty soaled evil thing. I hope you burn in hell, just like that Rabi of yours in the article. I wish that when you do burn you remember all the comments you have posted.

          • Hanna Hurben

            and you are islamozombie if I am ignorant I can educate my self but you still will be islamozombie without a brain .
            as for Hell it is higher chances you will go there. and no 72 virgins either. that is where your mooham mad is.

          • Admir Topolino

            Hanna Hurben , you speak with SUCH HATE … about Islam, yet you seem to be only brainwashed idiot here. Take a look at this video (since I don’t expect you to actually read Qur’An as any intelligent person would actually do)


            After this video (it’s a very long one) Nothing you say “holds any water” …

            I pity you …

          • avner

            so…jews worship Lucifer?…or do i need a 3 hours video to prove the ridiculousness of that?…

          • Trumanbaby

            Hannah, honey..the notion that you are or even could be “educated” is the ultimate absurdity! You have NO brain in that concrete skull of yours, too stupid to know how to spell, let alone write..and belong in a strait-jacket before you do yourself or others bodily harm!!

    • Hanna Hurben

      Do you live in Gaza? if you do, do something about HAMAS and don’t allow your children to be used as Shield for HAMAS , if HAMAS is not attacking ISRAEL then you are as safe as ….

      • Jason elowsky

        You israeli jewish sympathisers are ignorant pricks for massacring and carrying out genocides that your hearts and minds are dead – just read your arguments how stupid they sound. Killing children and innocent civilians in the name of israel and your devil worshiping religion! Let’s see you have killed and mocked your prophets, you are a homo nation and were destroyed time after time by your God as a punishment! You were made slaves in Egypt as a result of your wickedness and manipulations, you lie and act as hypocrites blaming others.. Why can’t you see that the problem lies with you people and you will never have piece if you do not change your ways and atleast be truthful to your religion. Israel and jews will never get peace in this world or the next as one does not gets piece on by killing innocents! The wrath of God is upon you again and time is not far when every jew will be in the run again when the butchery starts against your nation and millions will die..

        • Hanna Hurben

          I stand by ISRAEL and will be a sympathizer because my dear Jason I do not stand by islamozombies who are brainless and kill people for their own pleasure , i do not stand with murderers of children and children rapists . and that is what iISLAM is all about . Women mistreated and mutilated. … I am free person and I intend to stay that way.

          • Admir Topolino

            Nothing what you say about islam is true …


            YOU NEED TO BE EDUCATED SON ! and stop supporting genocide

          • avner

            what genocide…the one in Iraq against yazidis?…yeah…stop that genocide…

          • lucy

            Classic “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”!
            Typical self-serving strawman crap the yids are so good at.
            It’s NOT a case of jews OR moslems:- there’s no difference between them…..there’s NO choice to make.

      • Michael P

        Where might the children seek refuge, any ann frank rooms available in israel? CHILD KILLERS and their apologists have no place in this world.

      • lucy

        Crap!.. The jews were murdering other people 3500 years before Hamas was ever thought of. Remember the genocide and ethnic-cleansing (along with the ‘holocaust’ all invenrted by the jews) of every living thing in the lands of the Canaanites?
        Hitler was right! Judaism is a blight upon the face of the earth, and has been so since Abraham showed willing to butcher his own son on behalf of a ‘voice in his head’.

      • Trumanbaby

        Ignorant cow..clearly you get all your “information” from the Con-artists and thieves passing as “pastors” on the Daystar Channel!! Send in your “forgiveness tithes” yet..or your “prayer tokens”? Gotta keep those preachers in their new Mercedes and the latest model Rolex, doncha know?? Stupid little moron!

    • scottturner

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    • avner

      and God is not going to say anything to the arabs/Palestinians?…hmmmm…weird god that one…

      • Trumanbaby

        Like..what?? Seriously? Wonder how you’d feel if along came a bulldozer and just crumpled your home..your land for thousands of years..into matchsticks? These zionists are outright carpet-bagging other name one could possibly apply to them!

  • Palistine: This is Genocide

    What about moving the penguins of the
    Antarctic to the north a little more, in the aim of safety, and exiling the Ashkenazi Zios false Jews to that continent? “It’s an uninhabited land ” I’m sure they’ll be able to make that bloom as well.

    • avner

      i’m also sure they’ll be able to make that bloom as well…but i’m more worry that the palestinians cant even make Gaza bloom…

      • lucy

        Any motherless sleazebag can ‘make the desert bloom’ if he fertilizes it with enough blood-and-bone.
        In any case, that desert was ‘blooming’ with olive-groves, vineyards, etc. before the jews turned up in the first place.
        ….and destroyed everything according to the instructions of the DIY, purpose-designed, god.

        • avner

          actually there was nothing in the Negev and then the jews turned up and started exporting oranges there was nothing blooming with olives since the area of the west bank is rocky and not very fertile…

          you need to fact-check your statement.

          • lucy

            Typical propagandised jewish response.
            What do think ALL the men, women and children of
            the ‘Seven Tribes of Canaan’ upon which the jews committed genocide were living on?? Cans of baked beans imported from China perhaps? Pizzas delivered from the fast-food takeaway.

            I suggest YOU fact-check your religious copouts!
            For what do YOU think god directed the mass-murder of the people who owned a barren and rocky “land of milk and honey”??
            Read your own ‘bible’; there are dozens of references to the abundance of the land the jews stole.
            Without even looking up a reference I remember one citation:-

            Num 13:23
            And they came unto the brook of Eshcol, and cut down from thence a branch with one cluster of grapes, and they bare it between two upon a staff; and they brought of the pomegranates, and of the figs.
            Num 13:27
            And they told him, and said, We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it.
            (Note it took TWO men to carry ONE ‘cluster of grapes’.)

            And the same applies to the jewish claim to Jerusalem as the hub of Judaism everywhere. The invaders butchered everyone living there and stole the city.

            And now they’re back:-….second verse ( the last fifty years) same as the first:
            Jewish history can be summed up in a few words:-
            ‘Murder and Theft’.
            …and treachery.

          • avner

            i’m not religious.

            surely 3000 years ago agricultural development was plenty and population grow and healthy vegan food, surely the lost civilization that came before was technologically advance and produced giant fruits. 3000 years ago, sure /sarcasm

            i suggest YOU to fact-check archaeology and use some common sense when it comes to ancient history.

            maybe you can find a good historical source of what was jerusalem before king david…surely a great city right? the place of jeru…

            that is how you can summed human history but maybe you expect the jews to be better than humans. are you familiar with the phrase “double standard”? is a form of racism

          • lucy

            You’re not intelligent, either.

            1…..The “civilisation that came before” (ie The Seven Tribes of Canaan) WERE in fact feeding themselves in order to be living there.

            2…..Jewish history clearly states they invaded and committed genocide (and always treacherously, having accepted the hospitality of the natives) BECAUSE they wanted to steal what the Canaanites had. THAT means they had things WORTH stealing.

            3…The previous civilisation WASN’T a “lost civilisation”. It was a civilisation with historical records, which was ‘ethnically cleansed’/mass-murdered by the jews. Even the jewish histories say so.

            4….The jews HAVEN’T held sway in Palestine for “3000 years”. They abandoned the place 2000 years ago after the destruction of the temple in 70AD.

            5……Whether Jerusalem (or Jericho and the rest) were “great cities” is irrelevant. They WERE existing cities which were stolen by the genocidal jews. Your strawman argument is the sort of bullshit only an ignoramus makes.

            6… More ignorance. I nowhere make the claim that jews are “better than humans”.
            But I WILL assert that jews THINK they are. They DO claim to be the Chosen People of god.
            It’s the basis of judaism, and they behave as though it’s true.
            It’s also the basis for their current claim to Palestine and excuse for ethnic-cleansing.

          • avner

            wow…where did you study ancient history.

            1- food and water is the basic thing humanity have ever needed, from there to giant fruits is a long way.

            2-jewish tribe invaded and conquered the land, that was the only important thing there, land.

            3-ethnic cleansing is a concept from 1980s…history revisionism is not a valid argument.

            4-the jews have been there for 300 years, the fact the more powerful empires and nations have have control over the area does not change anything.

            5-how do you stole a city?? and was there an existing Jerusalem?

            6-nah, you claim there to be better than man because of the “chosen thing” but if you actually knew something you’ll see that they where “chosen” to comply 636 orders and guard a book…i dont know how be “chosen” as a librarian makes you better than anybody…inferiority complex is what you have.

            in the current ethnic cleansing there are more palestinians in the land than in anytime in history…i don’t think you know what ethnic cleansing mean.

          • lucy

            Your first ambition should be to gain a competency in English comprehension.
            As for ‘ethnic cleansing’ I suggest you ask some 5 yo to show you how to use Google, which throws up about 5 MILLION references to ‘ethnic cleansing’ in .38 of a second.
            …..references which all agree that:-

            Ethnic cleansing is the systematic forced removal of ethnic or religious groups from a given territory by a more powerful ethnic group, with the intent of making it ethnically homogeneous.

            Nazis throughout history have taken their lead from the jewish example ~ and usually stake their claim on being some form of ‘Chosen People’. eg ‘Master Race’.

          • avner

            English is not my first language.

            as for ethnic cleasing…it is still a modern concept, dont apply moderns concepts to ancient history that is revisionism.

            the christians where the ones to popularize the “chosen people” idea not the jews…is simple envy…and is still simple envy when in 2015 people think that others are “chosen” because of a god they don’t even believe.

          • lucy

            Nonsense!. The term may be ‘modern’ but the ‘concept’ is as old as moses. Literally. (See Deuteronomy 7. ~ in which chapter the jews are also instructed to kill every living thing in the land of the Canaanites.)

            And in fact the concept of ethnic cleansing goes all the way back to the very invention of god by abraham. (See Genesis 17). It’s absolutely a jewish invention, which is currently STILL being used to murder and expel Palestinians from their homes and homeland..
            …whether the jew with the copout ‘believes’ or not.

          • avner

            since when religious arguments are valid arguments? i thought you where a rational person.

            you know that there where lots of civilizations before Abraham right?

            i already told you that the growing number of palestinians in the land prove you wrong…

            but please keep your open hate toward jews…is fascinating how you lie in order to justify it.

            also may i ask how the country in which you live was formed?

          • Trumanbaby

            I doubt Lucy “hates” Jews..that’s really a straw-man and very stupid argument! Zionism, however, is something quite worthy of great hatred! The “rabbi” who is intoning violence and destruction of of a sick pig and should be put down, himself! If you support such programs..or pogroms..then you belong at his side!

          • lucy

            Another stupid conclusion:- “in the current ethnic cleansing there are more palestinians in the land
            than in anytime in history…i don’t think you know what ethnic
            cleansing mean.”

            There are also more tanks, nukes and blowflies and jews. There are certainly more illegal jewish settlements.*
            But there are not more Canaanites: they were ‘ethnically-cleansed and ‘genocided’ by the jews millennia ago.

            As for your reference to ‘palestinians’, I suggest you heed your own advice about disregarding “modern concepts”. ANYBODY living in the geographically-defined Palestine’ (including the aforementioned blowflies) are ‘Palestinian’ by definition.
            Or, if one accepts the bogus militarily-imposed title of ‘Israel’ for that strip of land, they’re ALL Israelis. Though not ‘jews’.

            And how to “steal a city” is amply demonstrated in umpteem references in the torah/talmud,etc., and also in recent modern history:-
            Move in by treachery-enabled force of arms, evict/kill the inhabitants and move into their homes and/or bulldoze the homes and build homes more to your liking on the site; replace the administrative/legal/religious/cultural authorities/processes with your own.
            ….and butcher anybody who won’t accept your claim of ownership.
            Which is to say: adopt the methodology/pathology of parasites everywhere.


          • avner

            so in an ethnic cleansing there are more people of that ethnicity and their numbers are growing…you definitely don’t even know what ethnic cleansing is.

            i’m also sure that you don’t even know the law that says the settlements are illegal or if such law exist.

            but not all the blowflies in Asia are Chinese…so your argument is just weird and have no real meaning.

            well you seems to accept the bogus militarily-imposed title of “Palestine” imposed by the Romans…so your argument is even weaker.

            i love your anti-semitism…but history disproves you.

          • Trumanbaby

            Fanaticism articulated at it’s “best”..or should I say “worst”! The nations on this planet, from time immemorial, have been indulging in “ethnic cleansing” matter what it was called! A skunk by any other name still stinks the same!

          • Trumanbaby

   have the temerity to accuse Lucy of being ignorant..WHERE do you get YOUR information, pal?? You say it’s “irrelevant” how many people conquered the land over millennia? You claim the Jews have been there for 3000 years? Yeah..demographics from the Brits show that a mere few hundred were there in 1918..while many thousands of Arabs were STILL there and had been for as long as any Jewish wandering tribes that had LONG, LONG ago quit the land!! That growth continued exponentially until the zionist push for carpet-bagging European Jews and any others got some serious attention from the NIMBY European countries, which definitely did NOT want all those Jews relocating in their own lands! The Arabs (highly predominate population), Jews and Christians there were more than delighted to finally have a secular state..and had been pushing for it for years! It wasn’t until the pro-zionists saw an “opportunity” during WWII and started pushing for a phony, manufactured “re-creation” of Israel..a “country” as dead as the ancient Sumerian Empire and had been for two thousand years..that the demographics started to change. Then, as now, greed and secularism prevailed over the rights of those who DID and DO belong on those lands..and that’s NOT the “Israelis”! Karma is a b#tch, they say..and with this neo-nazi philosophy those like Netanyahoo have taken on, it won’t take long for the world to completely turn on what is now called “Israel”..just look around!! By the way..just because a phrase or word wasn’t coined three thousand years “ethnic cleansing”..certainly doesn’t mean the CONCEPT was not VERY much alive and “well”!! Only an idiot wouldn’t claim otherwise! Stop getting your “facts” from the Daystar Channel, bunky! You are just making a giant asse of yourself!

          • Trumanbaby

            YOU need to quit taking your “information” from the Daystar Channel, bunky! Crack a book and actually learn WHAT was and wasn’t there..including population demographics, going back for hundreds and hundreds of years! Fool!

      • Trumanbaby

        Palestinian lands were blooming long before the carpet-bagger zionists invaded! Just because a myth was perpetrated in the 40′s and 50′s about the Zionists in Israel somehow “transforming” the desert into a pradise (and kiddies, put your nickels in the jar on teacher’s desk for Israel), doesn’t make it true! They’d have had you thinking that any Arabs in that land were only wandering tribes of nomads..not farmers and craftsmen whose families had lived on the same land for thousands of years, created towns and cities..all of which Netanyahoo and his thugs have been working diligently for years to destroy! Total propaganda..and I speak as one of the kiddies who was conned into putting nickels into such a jar on my public school teacher’s desk!

    • lucy

      It wouldn’t work.
      Deporting the jews from Europe was Hitler’s favoured plan. It failed because NO other community on earth would take the scum.
      …..including cockroach colonies.

  • Reme Stax

    Read Protocols of Zion and Read Talmud and you will learn that there are a group of criminal AshkeNazis who never stop manipulating and murdering and the only reason why they haven’t nuked us is that they need slaves.Praise GOD

    • avner


  • tiny

    it wrong to be killing in the eyes of god. never mind in the eyes of the world..

  • D Laurier Beaulieu

    And yet when the native palestinians dare to try to defend themselves, he calls for more slaughter.

    • Hanna Hurben

      Gazans aren’t ”Native” to Gaza they are ARABS and Egyptians and other arabic nations. and they do not belong to GAZA even the word Philistine means =Foreigner.

      • Jason elowsky

        You troll stop preaching hatred..

        • Hanna Hurben

          Jason you are the troll yourself and I do not preach hatred . because I still love the people NOT WHAT THEY DO. and they do evil they are Gazans who moved there from ARAB countries and EGYPT and Jordan.

          • Admir Topolino

            Isn’t israel itself on the MIDDLE EAST where ARAB people live. hmmm how in your mind, FULLY WHITE EUROPEAN SETTLERS can be native over ARAB Palestinians on their own place…

          • avner

            hmmmm…arabs are not the only ones to live in the middle east…jews, kurds, druzes, asyrians, copts…all of those tribes also live in the middle east…all of them are also natives in the region…

          • lucy

            Well said.
            The difference is that they don’t all commit murder and ethnic cleansing in trying to claim ownership ~ particularly on the basis of some exclusive right or superiority or genetics.
            That’s the role of ‘nazis’, wherever and whenever they exist.
            The Gaza Strip can legitimately be seen as the zionist version of the Warsaw Ghetto. The parallels are horrendously obvious.

            ….and, ironically, the jewish resistance in the Warsaw Ghetto is held up as a shining example of resisting the Evil Bully. lol

          • avner

            really? how many Jews are left in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia…how do you think that happened? and also tell me how is the life of the yezidis and kurds, the amhadi, the assyrians…

            is always fascinating how people with inferiority complex feel so much envy of the jews to consider them superior…is just fascinating…but don’t feel bad, you have the same 46 chromosomes that any jew and any human.

            well you can book a 5 star hotel in gaza and see for your self how wrong you are; i dont remember 5 start hotels and obese people in Warsaw…so maybe you should read the history books again.

            and ironically jews where forced in the ghetto while in gaza where where trow out of it…your knowledge of history is lol level…

          • Trumanbaby

            Circuitous “logic”, pal! Do you really think that any of those “Israeli” Arabs whose home are being demolished without any due process would be “booking a 5-star hotel” in downtown Tel Aviv?? Their situation and their misery is far more akin to the Ghetto residents..if not identical..than the phony ersatz parallel you tried to draw! In fact, it’s an affront and an insult! The ultimate “comeback” when there is no validity to your argument (and everyone can see that) is to run to the “you must have an inferiority complex if you think the Jews are superior”..when, all one has SAID they’re “superior”..only that they believe they are!! Give’ve lost..!

          • Trumanbaby

            For once, you say something truthful! There were multiple ethnicities living in Palestine..and a SECULAR state would have been the appropriate resolution..a country for all those whose ancestors had lived there for thousands of years..and all those newcomers they ALL acknowledged as residents! This concept had been in the works with FDR and the Saudi king..and was making considerable progress. What they did NOT want were separate “countries” and certainly did not want some third party collective of countries (Security Council) hastily using their land as a dumping ground for a lot of people not wanted in any of THEIR countries! That was what it was all about, after all! FDR had died, Truman became president and in his typical, short-sighted, parochial way (diplomacy being about the lowest thing on his list of “accomplishments”), he quicky sold off the people of Palestine, in favor of a bunch of European carpet-bagging zionists! That was the “original sin” in this sad escapade..and all which has followed may be laid at the feet of Truman, the Security Council and the fanatics who have now, apparently, fully embraced Hitler’s tactics and mind-set. Israel is and has been it’s own worst other! All the rest has been “reaction”…no less than the Native Americans raiding forts and farmers, after their lands were stolen, and their own people butchered..what the hell else would you expect??

          • Trumanbaby

            Truly a good question..but too deep, I fear, for Hanna and Avner!

          • Trumanbaby

            You may tell yourself you ‘love” the people..but you’re a fraud and a liar whose actions would speak even louder than your ignorant, bigoted words!

      • D Laurier Beaulieu

        Actualy, quite a few are. A lot of Gazans are descended from familys that have lived in Gaza as long as there has been a city called Gaza.
        Others are of course refugees from Azdood, and Eshkalam, and Jaffa. They would like to return home, but there are a few million well armed zionist settlers and comandoes standing in the way.

        • Trumanbaby

          Thank you!

      • lucy

        Who CARES what their genetics are? They owned the land and resided upon it. Until the jews arrived, butchered them and stole their property.

      • Trumanbaby

        Ignorant Daystar Cow!! YOU are as wrong and useless as two left shoes or teats on a bullhog! They most CERTAINLY ARE native to that area! You imagine that all “Arabs” generate from the same ancient tribes? The ancestors of the Palestinian Arabs have been there for thousands of doubt more likely related to the Phoenicians and others back then, than any tribes from what is now Iraq or Saudi Arabia!! They were there (and farming and building cities and exploring oceans) when the Jews were still a multi-theistic tribe of nomads! There are distinct differences between Egyptians and Iraqis, for example..even in the present day! All ethnicities are products of the many interminglings which have taken place over millennia! “Arabs” certainly did NOT drop fully formed as a “people” 1400 years ago, as nitwits like you seem to think!! Utter nonsense and totally shameful that anyone would spout such trash!

    • avner

      yeah well…the native jews have to defend themselves also…the best part is that this is a rabbi in a 60% secular country…meanwhile Hamas is the elected government in Gaza…

      • D Laurier Beaulieu

        The native jews in Palestine are all palestinian arab jews.
        And yes, they defend themselves against white zionist setters too.
        Arab jews, and arab muslims, resisting white colonialism together, alongside arab christians, arab druze, and arab atheists.

        • avner

          hahahaha…that is a lovely idea…but the jews living in the are since the romans where also attacked in 1929…1930s…1948…and so on…the muslims didn’t care if they were white brown or black…they where jews…and they had to be killed…the druzes are israeli citizens they were the first to make an alliance with Israel…and now they are the one asking for help to the druzes in Syria…hahahaha

          the sephardi jews joined the askenazi jews after the muslim violence…

          you should read actual history…not edited one…

          • lucy

            “What’s in a name….?” said Shakespeare. Accurately.
            Do away with the labels and 90% of the bases for conflict disappears.

            Can it be sheer coincidence that jews have been more or less hated and feared whenever and where-ever they’ve stuck their heads up throughout history?

            Or is it that wherever they’ve gone they insist upon declaring their self-proclaimed exclusivity and/or superiority and demonstrated a treachery and contempt concomitant to those asserted values?

            If you insist upon setting yourself up as a target you’ve no right to bitch if others take potshots at you. It’s an endless cycle. And avoidable. Even being ‘right’ does NOT compensate for, or excuse, being a provocative arsehole.

            Shakepeare’s ‘Merchant of Venice’ should be mandatory reading/study for every child of any genetic/cultural background before the age of puberty.

          • avner

            so your brain have not mature since the middle age…great; but lets take a look at history…if they where so exclusive why where they confided to the ghetto? if they where so important why the could own properties?…

            maybe it have to do that in christian europe they didn’t became christian nor in the middle east they didn’t became muslims…

            maybe just maybe keeping their identity have made medieval people hate them, there is a name for that: xenophobia.

            critical thinking should be mandatory for every child…but some people are still trap in the middle ages.

  • Oplaw1990

    < ✜✱✪✪✲✜ +daysofpalestine +*********….. < Now Go R­e­­a­d M­o­r­e


  • avner

    such lovely commentaries…well Hamas have chapter 7 of their charter…we have an old rabbi…the difference is that he speak for himself…Hamas is the elected government…

    • lucy

      The “old rabbi” speaks for jews everywhere and as far back as moses (or beyond).
      And what he says has been jewish principle and practice since the beginning of recorded history.
      The REAL difference is that the jews have greater fire-power* and lesser morality than hamas. eg. I’ve never heard even a claim that hamas deliberately targets refugees, including children, or hospitals.

      *Something for which the US will be held to account one day.

      • avner

        no the rabbis speak for themselves an nobody else, is called individualism and you should learn about it.

        lets start mentioning Hamas forced conversion to Islam in gaza

        and then lets ask to where are they aiming their rockets??

        they also build many tunnels and didn’t allowed people to use them as shelters during the wars…

        but your hate toward jews is now obvious so it is a waste of time pretending you care for palestinians at all…

        you are just a common racist with little to knowledge of history.

        the REAL issue is that jews have prosper and arabs are killing each other…and you cant accept that.

        • Trumanbaby

          Wow,’re really squirming to dig up some argument here! Whatever came after the Zionist Invasion of Palestine is to be expected! I suppose you think those people should all have packed up, turned over their housekeys and left the land with smiles on their faces? We KNOW YOU would..right? Sure!! Sanctimonious hypocrite! Meanwhile, how anyone can justify killing children and those admittedly NOT involved in taking another’s life, ONLY because they are of a particular ethnicity or religion?? I guess you and your rabbi and his ilk have COMPLETELY stolen Hitler’s playbook, then! You have stated your “case” for amorality and depravity..and a total disregard of anything which could possibly defined as concern for humanity..yes, just like HItler! That’s what the Israelis have molded themselves into..or maybe that’s always what they were, except when THEY were the underdog? See what an image you’re sympathy for you!

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  • Sami

    Insanity and Illogical = Zionist – you cannot argue or debate with a Zionist as they do not deal in logic or sanity… they are blind and have a veil of money and land over their eyes

  • Александр Каплан


  • lucy

    Fuck god. He’s the root cause of the problem. I don’t know why five jews at random, anywhere in the world, aren’t killed for every israeli victim, on the basis that ‘israel’ couldn’t exist without the support of international jewry.
    And in any case, such action would be upholding the dictum of this mongrel-bred ‘rabbi’ and his sources.

  • D Laurier Beaulieu

    And since it is still the native Palestinians who are being attacked…